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Germany: natural and organic cosmetics exceeding the billion mark

Last year, natural cosmetics for the first time generated (€1.009bn). This represents growth of 10 % for the entire natural and organic cosmetics market and a market share of 7.8 %. The fact that value-oriented consumption is changing many markets is becoming increasingly obvious. Within the saturated cosmetics market, natural cosmetic products are finding new users on a daily basis. Consumers meanwhile expect the same performance as with any other product. Today the broad-spectrum product range covers the different demands. International markets are also continuing to grow at a high level.

German natural cosmetics market with a high market share

In Europe, Germany is by far the largest market. Natural cosmetics have reached a maturity second to none – clearly depicted by growth. With almost 8 % market share, it is worth double the other European markets. The German trade expert Elfriede Dambacher (Picture), owner of the consulting company naturkosmetik konzepte, is closely following the market development and, in cooperation with the market research companies GfK, IRi, IMS Health and BioVista, publishes the up-to-date Natural and Organic Cosmetics Trade Monitor every three months. 
  She explains that the growth is based on the wide distribution and continuous demand. “Natural cosmetics have not exhausted their potential. Customers are well informed, can discern true natural cosmetics more easily and decide accordingly. There is, however, still a lack of shopping locations with a good assortment,” is how Elfriede Dambacher evaluates the market situation.

Revenue in 2014 was more than expected

The market data for 2014 has more than met expectations. All major retailers offer their own certified natural cosmetics brand. Market leaders are, with almost 40 % market share, the drugstores. Natural cosmetics are an integral segment on cosmetics shelves, and consumers expect to purchase natural cosmetics at the shopping location where they buy other cosmetics and skin care.

 An increasing number of cosmetics companies are taking the consumer demand for natural products more seriously and are changing their assortment. But nowhere else are transparency and credibility as important as in the segment of natural and organic cosmetics. A gauge for all, including organic cosmetics companies.

True-natural preferred: consumers are aware of the difference

While in Germany there is an increasing differentiation between so called near-natural and true-natural cosmetics, the international markets present a different picture. Here the boundaries between cult brands, near-natural (nature-inspired) and natural cosmetics are blurred. Stronger growth than for certified organic cosmetics is predicted for the extended market for natural cosmetics, including nature-inspired cosmetics.

“There is a lack of internationally active, strong, natural cosmetics brands. And also the understanding of beauty differs in the core markets for natural cosmetics,” comments Elfriede Dambacher. In the German market, the three segments (nature-inspired cosmetics, natural and organic cosmetics) amount to more than 15 % of the total spending within the beauty market in Germany.

International growth is continuing

As Eva Grigar from Kline & Companyreported at Vivaness, the markets are developing dynamically worldwide. The highest growth is being registered by the markets in the Asia-Pacific region (35 % market share) and Brazil – but taking natural cosmetics in the wider sense and including near natural brands. Grigar pointed out that global turnover of natural cosmetics is likely to have risen in 2014 to more than 30 billion US-dollars, which equates to growth of nearly 11%. At the global level too, vegan and sustainability are among the trends, with religious considerations also playing a part, and there is a noticeable move to more organic ingredients. She added that in the USA there is a very strong trend to GMO-free products.

At a glance

The Natural and Organic Cosmetic Monitor offers current data and facts about the latest developments every three months, grouped by entire market, near-natural and organic cosmetics. It is published by the consulting company naturkosmetik konzepte in cooperation with the leading market researchers GfK Panel Services Deutschland GmbH, IMS Health, IRi Information Resources GmbH Germany and BioVista. In addition it provides current trend analyses, developments across all distribution channels, international trade news and other news and trends within the international market.
Elfriede Dambacher is a renowned trade expert specialized in organic cosmetics. She is the owner of the consulting company naturkosmetik konzepte based in Dortmund, Germany, and CEO of the publishing company naturkosmetik verlag.
Naturkosmetik verlag also hosts the International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Conference, held 6-7 October 2015 in Berlin.


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